Growth mindset

What is it?
Why is it important?
Why we sort for it? How we do that?
What’s next?
What should we be thinking about that we aren’t?

Growth mindset infinite mindset

Instead of believing you can grow, a "growth mindset" is believing you can accomplish an infinite amount — or maybe exponential is a better word?

I often tell people that I wasn’t born with that inner voice that insists that you CAN’T do something. I’ve never looked at a task as impossible, no mountain has ever seemed too tall, no run too long, no project too complex, no problem was ever without a solution. Is that a growth mindset? I certainly think it’s a start! The next step is the curiosity to get oneself in a position to climb the mountain, to run the marathon, to manage the project, to solve the problem. Sure, in all likelihood it isn’t something you are equipped to do TODAY, but the belief you can learn and grow to ultimately get conquer that obstacle — now THAT is a growth mindset.

How to build this mindset and what you’ll get from it?

  1. Start Small. Your mind, your will power, your resolve, your tenacity, are just like your biceps, triceps, calves, and glutes — you have to USE them and you have to start with small weights and build up. Find something that you’ve never done and commit to doing it. A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G. When I was 16 I ran my first marathon because it was a challenge and I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. Now I LOVE running and have run 3 more marathons and enjoy a 5k run multiple times a week. Think about your personal goal? Maybe you want to lose 10 pounds? Take an online course. Finally get around to reading that book. Or, better yet, writing that book. The point is, you need to get started, and you can start ANYWHERE. Remember, you start with the 10 pound weights and you’ll be at 20, 30, 40, 50 pounds before you know it. Patience, dedication, motivation, determination will get you there.

  2. Ask for help. When you try something new it’s hard and you’re going to need help. Period. We all do. No man is an island. When I ran my first marathon I did it for charity. They had team training where I got advice on how to train and I regularly participated in group runs. We all need people to pick us up when we feel like our goals are further from us than they are, we need people to encourage us and hold us accountable. Getting other people involved is powerful and will help you accelerate your growth.

  3. Celebrate the wins. When you accomplish your goals (AND YOU WILL) celebrate. Appreciate how hard you worked and how far you’ve come. We don’t do that enough, but it’s essential to appreciate the gains you’ve made, that’s your new baseline on which you’ll continue to grow.

What you’ll get:

  1. A lifetime of learning and improvement. I have been practicing my growth mindset now for the better part of 17 years and likely longer than that. From the number of books I read, the goals I set, the pace at which I work - my curiosity and the intensity in which I pursue improvement is only increasing. I am exponentially more focused, often even in my subconscious, on getting better, improving, learning and becoming more innovative than ever before. It started with a marathon and it’s taken me to heights I never thought possible. A growth mindset, that first goal you accomplish, that first problem you solve, that intention you set for yourself of growing, learning and improving will take you to places you cannot imagine. Get started today!

  2. A new world of exciting opportunities. The opportunities you will see. The people you will meet. The ideas that you will uncover. The innovations you will create. I approach everything with the idea that I can improve it. “How can we make it better” — and it brings excitement and purpose to every conversation, problem, project — you will unleash new creativity and productivity.

  3. Constant change. This may be intimidating to some, but I crave change. I crave new ideas, new experiences, new information, and new challenges. With a growth mindset you will constantly create change for yourself by learning and improving.

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